1. We’ve got six full size gritters (one for every major route on the City’s roads) plus one
    we have 6 gritters plus one spare
    We have 6 gritters plus one spare

    spare and three smaller ones specifically for Pride Park and the City Centre. We’ve also got two push-along gritting barrows and two quad bike mounted spreaders for footpaths and narrow roads.

  2. All our gritters are fitted with GPS tracking and monitoring equipment so we know exactly where they are, how fast they’re travelling and how much salt they’ve spread on the road surface.
  3. Our salt barn at Stores road gets stocked up every summer and holds about 4300 tonnes of salt, depending on weather conditions over the winter period we’ll use around 2000 tonnes of it.
  4. Our salt comes from a mine in Cheshire and is coated with molasses to help it stick to the road better. The Molasses also helps the salt get into solution faster, meaning it can de-ice roads faster than traditional salt.

    12 drivers on standby 24/7
    12 drivers on standby 24/7
  5. At the City Council, winter runs from October 1st to April 30th and during this time we have 12 fully trained drivers on standby 24/7.
  6. We have weather monitoring stations across the County and over winter these are checked at least three times a day. As well as temperature they monitor how damp the road surface is.
  7. There are 193 grit bins stationed across the city so that residents can grit icy patches on foot paths.
  8. If we grit every route in the city twice a day for a week, our drivers will have travelled 3600 miles (the equivalent of driving to St Petersburg in Russia and back).
  9. If our weather stations alert us that there is likely to be icy conditions or the Met Office predicts snow, we can mobilise our fleet to grit the roads in under an hour.

    There are 193 grit bins around the city
    There are 193 grit bins around the city
  10. Spreading salt alone won’t improve road conditions – we need vehicles to drive over the salt and help crush it into solution before it melts frost or ice on the road.

Make sure you’re prepared for driving in adverse weather conditions this year. See our guidance on the Derby City Council website.