At a time of year when we think about the people in our lives that we love and care about, don’t forget to care for yourself and try these simple things you can do to improve your health and wellbeing.

  1. Feeling unwell? See if you’re eligible for a free NHS health check or make an appointment with Livewell or your GP to check your heart age and other important numbers.
  2. Feeling stressed, anxious or depressed? See if you could benefit from the Talking Mental Health Derbyshire service run by the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust or talk to your GP.
  3. Take a break. Working can take its toll on both your physical and mental wellbeing. Why not try some guided meditation on your next break? There are lots of apps like Headspace available for android and iPhone.
  4. Quit smoking. If you want to stop smoking, talk to our Livewell team who offer free support and advice for wannabe quitters. They hold drop in support groups and stop smoking clinics across the city.
  5. Sleep better, feel better. Not getting enough good sleep can cause many problems for both your physical and mental wellbeing. Ensuring you get a good night’s sleep can boost your mood so try out the Sleep self-assessment on the NHS website or try these tips from Public Health England for a better nights kip.
  6. Think about you. Try and set some time aside each day to focus on yourself and do something you enjoy, even if it’s just reading a few pages of your favourite book. It’s important to take time out from the everyday chaos of life.
  7. Be more active. Exercise is known to improve your mood and can help lower fatigue, a common side effect of long winter nights. Claim your free one day gym pass or become a gym member with us. Sign up now and you can enjoy a 4 month membership for just £80.
  8. Try something new. Learning a new skill or craft can boost your sense of achievement. The Derby Adult Learning Service have lots of courses on offer from cookery and baking to languages and Ukulele. Visit their website to find out more and enrol.
  9. Go Outdoors. Take a step outside, away from your home or office. There are over 300 parks and open spaces in Derby to explore. Find out more about them and what events are on, on our website.
  10. Be kind to yourself. Life can be hectic, so take time to look after yourself.

Published: Tuesday 14th February