Our Community Safety team have produced some great tips and advice to help you stay safe and secure this Christmas.

  1. Online Shopping
  • Is the website reputable? Does it seem unusual? Is the deal too good to be true?
  • When making payments look out for a secure symbol like a padlock on the screen.
  • Report fraudulent websites to Action Fraud

2. Theft from Motor Vehicle

• Always lock the doors and close the windows when you leave your car.
• Do not leave anything on display in your car. Make sure any Christmas presents are out of sight.
• Do not leave valuables or personal documents in your glove box.

3. Bag Dipping

• Put your purse at the bottom of your bag and keep your bag closed. Never leave it on display.
• Do not carry large amounts of cash.
• Never write down your PIN or keep it with your cards.

4. Burglary

  • Do not leave presents on display.
  • Only put out the packaging of new presents the day before your waste collection.
  • Property mark all new equipment and update your insurance accordingly.
  • Register your possessions on Immobilise for free.

5. Domestic Abuse

  • Always phone 999 in an emergency. The police are there to protect you and your family. Keep your mobile fully charged.
  • Tell family members, a friend or neighbour about the problems you are having so that they can support you.
  • If you need emergency accommodation please call the Freephone National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247.

6. Drinking and Driving

  • Do not drink and drive.
  • Plan your return journey home in advance.
  • Remember, you may still be over the limit the following day.

7. Christmas Lights and Candles

  • Always switch Christmas light off at night or when you go out.
  • Do not attach decorations to lights, heaters or place near candles.
  • Test your smoke alarms weekly and remember to clean it and remove dust.

8. Debt Management

  • Get help and advice early. Call Money Advice on 01332 643395.
  • Be realistic with family and friends about what you will spend on Christmas.
  • Think ahead put a small amount aside each month towards next Christmas.
  • Be aware of the high interest rates on short-term and ‘pay-day’ loans.

9. Robberies

  • Be mindful of where you are walking late at night.
  • Take care when withdrawing money from ATM machines and be aware of who is around you.
  • Avoid using mobile phones late at night unless necessary.

10. Counterfeit Goods and Fake Alcohol

  • If the price seems to good to be true – it’s probably counterfeit.
  • The proceeds from the sale of counterfeit goods funds other types of crime.
  • Fake alcohol can be toxic.

11. Responsible Drinking

  • Enjoy yourself but know your limits. If you are drunk you are more likely to be a victim of crime.
  • Do not buy alcohol for young people.
  • Dilute alcohol with soft drinks and stay hydrated.

12. Unlicensed Taxi’s

  • Do not use an unlicensed taxi, use a yellow cab at the Taxi Marshall point or telephone a mini-cab firm.
  • Ensure you keep enough money for your journey home.
  • Keep your house keys safe and separate from your purse or wallet.