Today is Blue Monday, often considered the most depressing day of the year. To combat this, a voluntary organisation called Blue Monday has put together 15 big ideas to make your blue Monday that little bit better.

  1. Show a feel-good film
  2. Bake a cake
  3. Have a joke telling contest
  4. Call your family for a chat
  5. Cook dinner for a friend
  6. Challenge someone to a game
  7. Make a ‘Happy’ playlist in the office
  8. Write some kind words
  9. Decorate a wall at work
  10. Dance! Wherever you can
  11. Volunteer for something new
  12. Visit a neighbour
  13. Say ‘Thank You’
  14. Lead change in your community
  15. Smile!

If you’re struggling with Mental Health issues, visit the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust website where there is help and advice.