For many families, the tree is the focal point of festive celebrations, but once all that is over what can you do to recycle and re-use your real tree?

  1. Tree-cycle itRaynesway household waste and recycling centre has a green skip where you can take your tree to be recycled. Can’t get to the tip? This charity will take away your tree to be recycled for you if you donate. Register your tree and save yourself a trip.
  2. Re-plant it – If you’ve bought a potted tree, you can re-plant it in a bigger pot or in your garden and dig it up again for Christmas 2017 which will save you money, a trip to buy another one and all the needles in the boot of your car.
  3. Mulch it – If your tree has succumbed to the heat of your home over Christmas, you can shake the dead needles off and use them as mulch in your garden for your favourite Rose bush.
  4. Compost it – You can cut the tree up into small pieces and compost it to make a great soil improver for your garden.
  5. Get crafty – You could saw slices off the trunk and make some unique looking coasters for your home, but don’t forget to sand them down and seal them with varnish first to stop the sap leaking.