A bridge linking the city centre with St Mary’s Church is to get new lights in a deal struck by the Council which will include maintenance for 15 years.

The installation of the new LED lights on Saint Alkmund’s Way Footbridge is being funded by Jury’s Inn under Section 106, funding that is established through the planning process to add value, in this case, to the existing public realm.

The bridge and lighting animates St Mary’s Church, and connects Jury’s Inn directly with the Derwent Valley WHS.

The bridge was a joint design work by the Council and public artist Denis O’Connor. The Council designed the structure while the artwork which adorns the bridge – the loom, silk strands and bobbins – were designed by O’Connor.

It was opened in 2007, with top specification sealed LED lighting units of that time; however over time they have failed.

Project Manager Andy Smart says that the £50,000 will be used to finance the cost and installation of the water resistant light fixtures, the cost of electricity and maintenance.
The new low-energy LEDs, on both sides of the bridge, are water-resistant and can be triggered into different lighting colours by the movement of people.

Installation started in late January 2017 and was completed 1st February. They will be maintained by Balfour Beatty under a Private Finance Initiative signed with the Council that runs until 2032.

Updated: February 2017