Tomorrow, Sunday 13th November marks the start of Inter Faith week 2016, so we’ve put together eight must know facts about Inter Faith week, and faith in Derby.

  1. This year, Inter Faith week spans eight days, from Sunday 13th to Sunday 20th November, to incorporate Remembrance Sunday, as people of all faiths and beliefs will mark the day in some way.
  2. The Inter Faith Network, (who created Inter Faith week) was founded in 1987 by 60 different member organisations, representing numerous different faiths and beliefs.
  3.  Inter Faith week was first held in England in November 2009 and is now an annual event that starts on the 3rd Monday of every November.
  4. Inter Faith week was developed after the Department for Communities and Local Government published Face to Face and Side by Side’ – their framework for partnership in a multi faith society.
  5.  Inter Faith week has 3 key aims:
  • Strengthening good inter faith relations at all levels
  • Increasing awareness of the different and distinct faith communities in the UK
  • Increasing understanding between people of religious and non-religious beliefs
  1.  There are many different religions represented in Derby (2011 census data) including: Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and Jews.
  2. During Inter Faith week 2016, the Multi-Faith Centre in Derby will be marking the week by projecting ‘wise words’ on to the exterior of their building from Monday to Wednesday.
  3. Anyone, from any background, faith, religion or belief can get involved with Inter faith week and there are loads of ways to do it. You could host an event or even just show your support on social media by using the #IFWeek hashtag. Find out more on the Inter Faith Week website.