Ever wondered just how true those myths about household pests really are? Our pest control officers have shed some light on the most common ones!

  1. Mice Love Cheese: Actually, mice prefer food with higher sugar content, like dried fruits or peanut butter.
  2. Moles are Blind: Though you may be hard-pressed to actually find the eyes on a mole, they exist and they work just fine.  Moles only use their eyes for sensing light, and rely on their other senses to get around.
  3. Clean Houses are Pest-Free: Pests don’t really care how clean your home is; they’re just looking for shelter and nesting sites, and those can be found in all houses.
  4. Bees Can Only Sting Once: It is true that honey bees are only able to sting once, however, other species of bee and wasps can sting repeatedly.
  5. Rats are Dirty: Although rats can transmit nasty diseases including; Leptospirosis or Weil’s disease through their urine, they actually spend 60% of their time cleaning both themselves and other rats.
  6. Ants only like sugary foods: Although ants prefer foods with a high sugar content, they will eat just about anything, which is why it’s important to keep kitchens clean and any food well sealed.
  7. Bed Bugs are Only Found in Cheap Hotels: Unfortunately, bed bugs can be found in any hotel, from a youth hostel to the most expensive, boutique hotels. Bed bugs are most commonly transmitted via people’s luggage.
  8. Fleas will Die without a Host: Unfortunately, fleas are very capable of living long periods of time without a host.  They can even live dormant in a property with no other inhabitants.
  9. I Can Take Care of Pests Myself: You may think you can get rid of pests more cheaply by doing it yourself, but you might actually save time, money and frustration by consulting a professional pest control company. Remember: Insecticides are harmful and if used incorrectly, they could cause damage to yourself, your pets or your home.

For more information on any of these types of pests, visit the pest control pages on our website, or if you need to book a visit from one of our qualified officers, head to Derby Direct to You.