Derby City Council accepts the findings and conclusions of the Internal Audit investigation into the A52 Transport Improvements Scheme Investigation, and acknowledges the serious historic failings identified within the report

Several improvement actions have already been put in place to address the report’s findings, with a number of others currently underway.  These will further strengthen our overall approach to project management and governance.

The Audit findings evidence that the problems and issues are centred in the officer domain. There is no evidence of fraudulent and/or criminal activity.

The next steps are for the Audit report to be referred to Full Council for debate at a date to be confirmed in the next four weeks.

Council Cabinet will also consider a report on the A52 Scheme at their meeting in March.  This report will outline the final Scheme cost and timescales for completing the project.  There is a now a strong degree of confidence that this will be in the region of £42 million with the Scheme being completed in summer 2020.

Carole Mills, Chief Executive of Derby City Council says of the report,

“I want to emphasise how seriously we are taking these findings.  The Council recognises and sincerely apologises for its past failings in relation to the A52 Scheme.

The report acknowledges that significantly improved governance arrangements for this Scheme have been in place since last summer.  In the light of today’s report, I’ve commissioned a further review to ensure best practice governance arrangements are in place for all our significant projects.

I would like to reassure Derby citizens and council tax payers that we are working hard to quickly and fully address the issues identified in the report and to complete this key infrastructure project so that its benefits will be realised for Derby.”