The local Councillors and Neighbourhood Team started receiving multiple complaints regarding cars speeding on St Albans Road and the surrounding streets.

The main concern from residents was that cars were speeding at the school drop off and pick up times.

The Abbey Ward Councillors worked with the Neighbourhood Team, Traffic Management and the local Police to organise a Community Speed Watch event.

The event took place at the end of autumn on the Junction of Radcliffe Drive and St Albans Road. Approximately 15 residents took part in using the Speed Indication Device to monitor the speed of road users.

The Neighbourhood Team are now working with the local police to train volunteers in the use of the speed gun to allow them to carry out speed watch exercises across the Abbey Ward.

Councillor Paul Hezelgrave is in the process of talking to all the schools in the Ward to look at future ways of working. One aspect of this is to invite Bemrose School children to carry out various speed watch events near schools in the hope that this has more of an impact on the parents and carers dropping off and picking up from school.

Councillor Paul Hezelgrave said:

It is important that we tackle speeding in the area especially at our school drop off points. We need to ensure people in the community feel safe and we eradicate speeding. We will not tolerate speeding in the community and I’m proud people in the community are making a stand.