We have been made aware of two scams currently targeting Derby citizens.

Yesterday (Wednesday 16th January), we had reports of people receiving cold calls from a fraudster claiming to be a member of our Council Tax Team.

The caller told the residents that they were owed £1950 because they had paid too much council tax. To process the refund, the caller needed £500 to process the £1950 to be returned. The caller wanted bank details in order to set up a payment plan to refund the residents £100 per month. Thankfully, the residents recognised the scam and did not provide any information to the caller.

Today, (Thursday 17th January), we have been informed of the same scam being operated through phishing emails being sent to residents. These initially appear to be genuine emails from HMRC but the links within the emails are not for genuine government services. The other key indicator that this is a fraudulent email is the poor grammar and spelling within the body of the email. If you receive an email asking for any kind of payment and you do not recognise the sender, please delete the email immediately. Do not click on the link or open any attachment, please just delete the email immediately and report it to Action Fraud.

Image showing one of the phishing emails being sent to Derby residents
Image showing one of the phishing emails being sent to Derby residents

If you have concerns about an elderly or vulnerable family member, friend or resident who may have been affected by one of these scams you should report it to Action Fraud or call the Citizens Advice Bureau for more advice and support.

For further information and advice about scams such as this, please visit the Action Fraud website.