Yesterday, a Severn Trent water main burst on Alfreton Road, causing temporary loss of water for some residents, and road closures in the area due to flooding and carriageway damage.

The leak caused serious flooding on Alfreton Road, and around Pektron Island. Water has now drained from the road, however teams must assess damage to the bridge, and of course repair the carriageway.

Diversions are in place; for in-bound traffic, simply continue on the A61 south of Pektron Island. Out-bound traffic on Mansfield Road, is diverted right at the mini-roundabout in Chester Green to continue on Mansfield Road.

Councillor Matthew Holmes, Deputy Leader of the Council said:

“Thank you to everyone for their quick response, and ongoing support with this incident.

“Water from the burst main has now drained away from the road, which means we can begin to assess the extent of the damage and repair work needed.

“Severn Trent will work to fix their water main, and we will work together with them to repair the surrounding road.

“The bridge is slightly more complicated. It is still water-logged, meaning we are unable to make any judgement on its safety until the water has drained, and we are able to access it properly; this may take several days. After we have assessed the structure of the bridge, we will begin repair work – if necessary – as quickly as possible.

“The road closure is now isolated to the bridge, with fairly straightforward diversions in place. We are working with Severn Trent to enhance the signage now that we have managed the emergency response.

“The scale of the incident means this may take some time. We appreciate your patience while we work with Severn Trent to make repairs, and will update on timescales when we can.”

A spokesperson for Severn Trent added:

“We’re working closely with Derby City Council to make sure we can safely repair the water pipe that burst beneath Alfreton Road. Experts from the council are carrying out some checks in the area and then we’ll begin work on getting the pipe repaired and the road returned to normal.

“This will take some time and the road will likely remain closed for several days while this work is completed. We’re really sorry for the disruption this causes and we’ll get the road open as soon as possible.”

We hope to undertake a full inspection of the bridge on Monday or Tuesday, depending on conditions, and will need to use cameras to inspect parts of the bridge that we are unable to access.

Until teams have been able to assess the damage to the bridge, we will not be able to give and exact time of repair, but will continue to work with our colleagues at Severn Trent and Network Rail to minimise disruption, and open the road as soon as it is safe to do so.