Raynesway Household Waste and Recycling site is extra busy over bank holiday weekends, with some days seeing over 2,000 people visit. If you can, visit on another day to avoid any queues.

If you do need to make a trip to the tip this weekend, we’ve put together some handy hints to make your visit quick and easy:

  • Visit at quieter times – early and mid-morning, and late afternoon. The site is open from 8.00am to 6.00pm; visiting between 8.00am and 11.00am or after 4.00pm is ideal.
  • Sort your waste into each material type so that it’s quick and easy when you arrive at the site.
  • The site staff are there to help. If you are struggling with an item please ask for assistance, they’ll be happy to help.
  • Make sure you wear appropriate clothing, footwear (no flip flops or sandals)and gloves on site.
  • If you are taking garden waste to Raynesway, why not consider signing up to the Garden Recycling Scheme? This could save you making a trip in the future.

To find out exactly what items can be recycled at home and which should be taken to Raynesway, please visit our A–Z of recycling page.