Residents in Derby are being advised to watch out for a potential email scam which appears to offer a Council Tax refund.

A Derby resident received a suspicious email and contacted the Council to see if it was genuine. It contained a message advising the resident that they were eligible to receive a Council Tax refund which can be claimed by completing and submitting bank details using a link to an online form within the message.

Derby City Council is reminding residents never to give out personal details over the phone or by email – particularly if you have received unsolicited emails or calls. If you have any doubts about any cold calls or emails you receive relating to Council Tax, you should ring the Council on 01332 293111.

Should you receive any contact you are unsure about, check the organisation’s contact details published in the phone book or a reliable source of information. Do not rely on details provided with the initial contact.

Tips for spotting a scam email:

  • Check the sender address – emails from Derby City Council will always end with or
  • Check the website – is the link to the Derby City Council website? (
  • Check grammar and spelling – often scam emails like the one below contain poor grammar and spelling.
A fake Council Tax email sent to Derby residents
A fake Council Tax refund email sent to Derby residents

Published: Wednesday 8th March, 2017