Following consultation and approval, Brackensdale Infant and Brackensdale Junior Schools will merge to form a primary school from 1st January 2018.

The merged school will be called Brackensdale ER (Enhanced Resource) Primary School.

A six week consultation took place in July, in which the majority of people were in support of the proposed merger.

The opportunity for a merger arose following the retirement of the headteacher at the Infant School in July this year.

It is generally accepted that all-through primary schools can offer certain advantages when compared with separate infant and junior schools.

Primary schools can offer a smoother transition of pupils between Years 2 and 3 and a single approach to the curriculum across the 3-11 age range.

The benefits to pupils, their parents and school employees include:

  • A single, continuous curriculum for pupils
  • Better, smoother transitions between years two and three
  • Better development opportunities for staff
  • As school budgets are often based on the number of pupil, a larger school with more pupils will have better control over their funding with less likelihood of funding shortages.
  • A single school uniform, saving parents money when pupils transition from the Infant to the Junior school
  • The same dates across the schools for events such as parents evenings and training or inset days.

Comments from those in support of the merger included:

“This is the best way forward for the schools and will definitely benefit the children”

“It will lead to less upheaval for children, staff and parents and a more stable learning environment.”