Following the water main burst on Mansfield Road (at the junction with Alfreton Road and Old Chester Road) the road will remain closed until essential repairs have been completed.  Diversion signs have been erected to help guide traffic. Access for local residents and adjacent businesses is available but all through traffic is advised to stay away from the area.

Essentially all traffic wishing to access Alfreton Road can only do so from the north and the A61 junction.  Those leaving the city centre and who would have used the Mansfield Road route should either use the A61 Sir Frank Whittle Way or Stores Road.  We have informed the bus companies.

We are working closely with Severn Trent Water and supporting the local neighbourhood.

Here’s the latest update from Severn Trent Water:

We’re pretty much there with the repair on the 10-inch pipe that burst so spectacularly on Sunday which means it won’t be long before work starts on getting the road back to normal.

The 30-inch pipe is now back in service, and that should mean that anyone who’s been getting lower pressure than normal should find that everything is working as it usually does.

We’ve stood down all of the tankers that have been helping keep water supplies on for everyone in the area and, for the vast majority of people, things are now back to normal.

It’s going to take our subcontractors several days to finish their work on the road surface and, once they get the new tarmac down, it may look as though there’s nothing going on, but we’ll actually be waiting for the tarmac to ‘cure’ before cars than use it. This is standard practice but we understand that it might be frustrating for drivers.

We’d like to say sorry again to everyone who was affected on Sunday, and who’s been affected since, but our teams are all working hard to get everything fixed as quickly as possible.

For further updates either visit the Severn Trent Water website or follow them on twitter: @stwater

For information about Trent Barton bus services that have been affected by this issue, either visit their website, follow them on twitter (@trentbartonland) or like their Facebook page.

Notts & Derby will provide a shuttle bus from Chester Green to and from Derby City Centre between the hours of 8.00am – 6.00pm daily and 10.00am- 4.00pm Sundays until further notice, starting today (Thursday 23rd March). These shuttle buses will run every 20 minutes from Chester Green Road, via the ring road and will stop at bus stop C7, Derwent Street in the City Centre.


Last Updated: 9.52am, Thursday 23rd March, 2017