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Avoid the queues at Raynesway this bank holiday Monday

Raynesway Household Waste and Recycling Centre
Raynesway Household Waste and Recycling site is extra busy over bank holiday weekends, with some days seeing over 2,000 people visit. If you can, visit on another day to avoid any queues. If you do need to make a trip to the tip this weekend,...

How-to Guide – Managing noisy neighbours

It can happen to anyone, our neighbours move out and their replacements decide to throw wild mid-week parties, let their kids run riot or play heavy-metal at 3.00am. Its most residents worst nightmare. So what can you do to, to help restore peace and quiet...

How-to Guide – Switch to Save

Big Energy Saving week - check, switch, save
Have you thought about who your energy supplier is and how much they’re charging you? The chances are you could be saving money by switching. As part of Big Energy Saving Week 2016, the Cabinet Office are encouraging you all to jump online and make...