Did you know that every year 290 million litres of milk are wasted in UK homes?

This World Food Day, the environmental organisation Love Food Hate Waste is asking people to reduce their food waste and Chill the Fridge Out!

Chill the Fridge Out!
Reduce your fridge temperature to make food last longer!

By reducing the temperature in your fridge to 5⁰C, you can make your milk last three days longer, reducing how much goes down the drain. The average temperature that fridges in the UK are set to is 7⁰C, meaning we waste 3.1 million glasses of milk every single day.

As part of this new campaign, Love Food Hate Waste has developed a new website, Chill the Fridge Out, to help you set your fridge to the perfect temperature. Many fridges in the UK have different temperature controls, so this website has information about the various makes of fridge to show you how to adjust yours.

The Council’s Food Safety team has some other suggestions for keeping the food in your fridge fresher for longer:

  • Get to know your ‘best before’ and ‘use-by’ dates. These are not the same thing – best before means when the food will be fresh until, and use-by is how long it will be safe to eat, although it might not be at its best. These manufacturer’s guidelines are important to gauge how long you have got to make the most of what you’ve bought.

    Keep raw and cooked foods separate in your fridge. Raw food should go at the bottom and cooked at the top to prevent any cross-contamination.


    You can freeze food up to the ‘use-by’ date to prolong its shelf life. There are a few foods that can’t be frozen (like soft cheeses), but most foods can, including any hard cheese!

Visit our website to find more suggestions for reducing food waste. Remember, some food waste (like coffee grounds and vegetable peelings) can be composted, but please check our composting webpage to find out which items are safe to put in your compost bin.