Citizens and Councillors on Patrol (COPs) are held across a number of wards in the city. They provide an opportunity for residents to meet with their local Councillors; members of the Neighbourhood Partnership team and the local Police Team.

As part of COPs a walkabout around a number of streets takes place to inspect the condition of the area and see if there are any problems that need to be solved. As well as this we can provide advice and information to local residents.

In Abbey ward there is a regular programme of patrols. At the most recent COPS a number of Abbey ward Councillors joined both the Police and Neighbourhood Partnership Team to patrol Lynton Street.

While on the patrol some residents informed us of the need for more parking enforcement in the resident only parking areas.

Our Parking Services department responded quickly to the residents’ requests and Civil Enforcement Officers were out issuing tickets following the COPs.

Councillor Paul Hezelgrave, Chair of the Abbey Neighbourhood Board said:

To improve our neighbourhoods it is important we work together both residents, the council, local businesses and community groups. If there is a problem that needs solving in the community we need residents to help us come up with and deliver the solutions. Joining us on our local COPS is a way of getting things done in our community, because essentially we all love our neighbourhood.

During the COPs residents also expressed an interest in establishing a neighbourhood watch group for the area. Our Neighbourhood Partnership Officers will provide support with developing this.

Residents raised the problem of littering and fly tipping in the area. As a result of follow up patrols, evidence has been passed to the Environmental Protection team for potential enforcement action.

Whilst on the patrol residents were also provided with advice on managing their waste.

Please look out for when there is a COPS or walkabout on your street and why not come along and join your local Councillors.

The next Abbey COPs is on Thursday 30th March at 6.00pm. Our officers will be meeting at the junction of Trowels Lane and Uttoxeter Road and will be visiting the following streets:

Trowels Lane

Thornhill Road

Albany Road

California Gardens

Cannock Court

Connaught Road