Derby City Council’s new Conservative administration is hosting a City Centre Deep Clean to fulfil one of its key manifesto pledges, and to turn on Derby’s iconic waterfall. Coordinated by the Council’s Neighbourhoods team, Streetpride staff, councillors, partners and volunteers will be out in force on Wednesday 18th July to clean, repair and rejuvenate the city centre.

This event will involve a wide range of street cleansing and maintenance activities, such as:

  • installing new waste bins
  • turning the water features back on
  • tidying up the city centre planting and floral areas
  • treating the war memorial
  • gum removal
  • jet washing, restoring and repairing street furniture
  • replacing and repairing uneven and broken paving slabs.

Pride in your city

This event is the first in what will be a city-wide programme of deep cleans, with the aim of encouraging people to feel pride in their city. From those who live in Derby, to people who visit or work in the city, this work should encourage everyone to feel inspired by their environment.

Councillor Jonathan Smale, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Streetpride, said:

The city centre is where so many of us spend our time, whether we’re grabbing a coffee on our way to work or spending a full day exploring Derby’s many treasures. It is important that people feel that this space is welcoming, attractive and safe, and that is exactly what we aim to achieve with this event.

“The war memorial, Fish Market, Peter Hilton Gardens and Market Place overall are of huge importance to the historic tapestry of Derby. This city is a great place to live, work and visit, so we look forward to seeing it in all its glory once our Streetpride staff – and volunteers! – have worked their magic.

A number of local businesses have already to pledged to get involved, including:

  • Greggs
  • McDonald’s
  • Tesco
  • Barclays
  • Derby Riverlights Facilities Management
  • Carnero Lounge
  • Riverside Baguette
  • NCP
  • Walkabout
  • Royal Bank of Scotland.

A large group of volunteers from Derby College (Broomfield Campus) will also be joining in on the day.

Countdown to the day

Some work will be done in the lead-up to the event, such as pruning some trees and green displays, and removing some weeds around the war memorial.

The day itself

Work will get started early in the morning on Wednesday 18th July, with the Trees team kick-starting the activity at 5.30am. The full City Centre Deep Clean team will assemble at the Market Place ready to begin at 8.00am, and the waterfall will be turned on in the afternoon.

No road closures will be in place on the day, but there will be some areas within the city with reduced access while work is completed.


This event on the 18th is the start of a longer programme of cleaning in the city centre. The team at Streetpride is being granted additional money to increase its street cleansing and litter-picking activities; this, alongside an extra member of staff allocated to the city centre, will have a long-term impact on its cleanliness and appearance.

The team also plans to carry out further ‘deep clean’ events, both within the city centre and out in the other wards.

City Centre Deep CleanHow can I get involved?

The more volunteers on the day, the more work that we can do! If you would like to be involved in the City Centre Deep Clean, please contact Rebecca Hudson.

If you spot any litter on the streets, or any areas of the city that you think are in need of a clean, you can always let us know using the forms on our website: