A number of the city schools have held events and special assemblies to show their support for Anti-Bullying week.

At Mickleover Primary School they held a cyber bullying event to teach pupils how to stay safe when online. This included learning about the importance of safety when ‘gaming’ online or using social media.

The school turned blue today (Friday 18th November) as pupils were encouraged to dress in blue to support Anti-Bullying awareness. They also embraced the official Anti-Bullying theme ‘power for good’ by being ‘superhero’s’ for the day.

Lynne Gerve, Headteacher at Mickleover Primary School said:

We think anti-bullying week is really important. At Mickleover Primary School we’ve been superheroe’s; learning to use our power for good and say no to bullying.

At Reigate Park Primary School they held a number of special classes to discuss ways to improve how they tackle forms of bullying at the school.

The school has four anti-bullying ambassadors Lily May Cottrell, Alisha Sadler, Billy Tooth, and Kyriakos Siamplidis who other children can go to and talk if they have problems with bullying. The school also has friendship stops where the children can go if they’re feeling left out.

Karen Ratcliff, Head of School said:

It is really important to spend time with the children and staff discussing what bullying is and how as a school we can work together to stop it.  We value the opportunity that the week brings to raise awareness and improve the systems we have in place to ensure that all children feel safe during their time with us.

At Redwood Primary School they made a special friendship quilt to show their support for Anti-Bullying awareness. Each pupil designed their own unique quilt patch.

A group of pupils changed the lyrics to Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ to create an Anti-Bullying anthem. To watch the video click here

They also made friendship tokens and posters which will be displayed around the school.