After a recent break-in at Sinfin Moor Allotments, the site is looking better than ever thanks to some fantastic partnership working.

90 properties were vandalised, and some even burnt down, in an incident in June this year. Within the two months that have followed, the site has been restored and security measures are being explored, thanks to the hard work of a dedicated team.

The team includes representatives from the following organisations and groups:

  • the Council’s Neighbourhood, Street Lighting, Community Safety and Integration, and Streetpride teams
  • the Allotments Association
  • Sinfin Councillors
  • the Police
  • Friends of Sinfin Moor Park
  • local residents
  • Sinfin Moor Church.

As a result of their hard work, the site now boasts a 20-foot container which was donated by Interserve (the contractors behind the Waste Treatment Centre at Sinfin Lane).

Councillor Shanker – who helped secure the container – commented that:

“Working together is crucial to achieving big things. We are so grateful for the efforts that all our partner organisations have put in to help us transform the Sinfin Moor Allotments.

The incident at the allotments was severe, and made a big dent in the confidence of these local residents in how safe they felt on the site. We as a Council have pledged to make Derby a safe city. Therefore, it was important that we did everything we could to improve the safety and security at the allotments.

We have submitted a funding application to the Police and Crime Commissioner to install lighting and security cameras in the area. In addition, the new container will ensure that allotment users can store their equipment securely. Hopefully, these improvements will mean that no such incident occurs again.”

This was a real community effort, with members of other allotment groups lending their help with the clean-up of the allotment site.

Wider site improvements are expected later this year to continue the work that has been started.