When the clocks go back at 2.00am on Sunday morning (30 October) it will be the 100th time it’s happened since summertime was first defined in an Act of Parliament in 1916 that stated for a certain period during the year, legal time should be one hour in advance of GMT.

Once the clocks go back, we’ll quickly begin to notice that the evenings are getting darker, much earlier. This means we all need to be extra vigilant when walking home from work, so check out these top tips to help you stay safe during the darker nights.

  • Keep your head up, look confident and be aware of your surroundings and personal space.
  • Avoid walking alone especially with valuables on display. Mobile phones are an easy target.
  • Use well-lit roads and don’t be tempted to take short cuts through darker areas
  • If you are uncomfortable about walking on your own, ask your friends and colleagues if they are walking the same way and walk together.
  • Carry bags across your body rather than over one shoulder.

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