Following a recent six week consultation in which the majority of people were in support of the proposed merger, Council Cabinet are now being asked to move a step closer to bringing the schools together and give the green light to a second stage of statutory consultation.

The opportunity for a merger arose following the retirement of the headteacher at the Infant School in July this year.

Comments from those in support of the merger included:

“This is the best way forward for the schools and will definitely benefit the children”

“It will lead to less upheaval for children, staff and parents and a more stable learning environment.”

The benefits to pupils, their parents and school employees if the merger took place include:

  • A single, continuous curriculum for pupils
  • Better, smoother transitions between years two and three
  • Better development opportunities for staff
  • As school budgets are often based on the number of pupil, a larger school with more pupils will have better control over their funding with less likelihood of funding shortages.
  • A single school uniform, saving parents money when pupils transition from the Infant to the Junior school
  • The same dates across the schools for events such as parents evenings and training or inset days.

If the recommendations to Cabinet are approved at its meeting tomorrow (Wednesday 6th September) and the merger is given the go ahead, it is expected that the new primary school would open in January 2018.

Councillor Sarah Russell, cabinet Member for Education and Skills commented:

“We know there are real educational benefits for the children with the proposed merger of Brackensdale Infant and Junior Schools. Moving to the next stage of the consultation process will bring us closer to creating a new primary school for Derby children. ”