Derby City Council today launched increased efforts to curb litter and fly tipping problems which have been a long-time concern of residents.

Councillor Asaf Afzal, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Public Protection, said:

We have listened to our residents and are determined to make our streets cleaner.

The Council has been joined by five officers seconded from Nottingham City Council for a year.

This team will be working in known problem areas around the city alongside other partners including members of the Council’s Streetpride team and officers from Derbyshire Police’s Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

New national legislation has given the Council the power to introduce £400 fixed penalty notices (£250 if paid within 10 days) for fly tipping offences.

However, the Council is looking to engage and educate residents and businesses to be responsible.

The initiative with the officers from Nottingham City Council is for an initial period of 12 months.

This initiative follows on from the Metro Strategy which launched in April and is all part of our Neighbourhood Charter and our pledge to make Derby the cleanest English city within four years.

Councillor Afzal commented:

This arrangement allows us to get on with the job, with highly trained and experienced officers. To employ, recruit and train our own would set us back at least six months.

The focus is on reducing fly tipping, litter and improving waste management generally, including correct usage and bins on streets.

Enforcement will be carried out in a reasonable, equitable and proportionate manner; against those individuals who persistently flout the rules, make the street look a mess and undermine those who want to live in a clean and safe neighbourhood.

The lack of evidence remains a key issue and due to the sporadic nature of fly tipping offences it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint exact locations. We do use cameras and are reviewing the type of equipment being used.

This is why our new Community Protection Officers are visible and patrolling the streets to gain the evidence directly.

If you witness somebody fly-tipping, try to take as much information as possible such as the registration of vehicles involved, the time, location and description of the waste and of the people dumping the waste.”

If anyone has any information which could help the Council identify the perpetrators of fly tipping, please call 01332 642020 or email the environmental services team.