In April 2017, UNISON members voted to accept the Council’s offer to end their industrial action.

The Council has now put in place all of the elements as set out in the attached Agreement signed by both the Council and UNISON, including proposing a definition of the flexible 52 week contract where Teaching Assistants are paid for all the hours that they work in any week of the year and which we continue to discuss with UNISON.

As colleagues will be aware, the Council made a commitment to work with UNISON and Head Teachers to undertake a review of the special needs Teaching Assistant role.  This has been completed and was sent to Hay Kornferry to be evaluated. The Council has now been informed that despite a full examination and reflection of all the tasks that these staff are asked to do, under the terms of job evaluation it has still remained at the same grade.

The Council accepts that this will not be what many staff wanted and as an employer, we were happy to honour any increases should they be justified by the Hay Scheme, and we are disappointed that all the work and effort that has gone into reviewing this matter has still resulted in the same position.

We have informed the UNISON team of the outcome today and we continue to work with them in the interests of protecting the education of the children in the city.

Councillor Baggy Shanker, Cabinet Member for Finance and Governance

Read the Signed Agreement with Unison from March 2017.