Derby City Council is set to create a new nature area, with help from the Mackworth Estate Community Association (MECA) and The Trust for Conservation Volunteers (TCV).

Councillor Paul Pegg, chair of MECA, will be heading the project along with children from Reigate Park Primary School.

The project will include a year 4 class helping to plant a number of native trees on Derby City Council managed land in order to create two small wooded areas for the public to enjoy.

This morning the children and Cllr Pegg met at the corner of Ashbourne Road, Holborn Drive and Prince Charles Avenue in the Mackworth Estate, to commence the planting. The area is currently mown grass but the project aims to transform the open area with tree planting.

This is the first stage of the planned nature area, which will engage children and allow them to get involved in tree planting.

The trees were secured by Mackworth Estate Community Association and donated to them by The Trust for Conservation Volunteers. The donation is part of TCV’s ‘Ready. Steady. Grow….free trees’ project.

There are over 300 parks and open spaces across Derby, covering almost 700 hectares of land.

Derby has the first and oldest surviving public park in England, the Arboretum, which was donated to the people of Derby in 1840 by local mill owner and former Mayor Joseph Strutt.

Derby parks are a great place to get healthy: they are open to everyone and are free to use. They provide an opportunity to stay active by taking a walk, playing football or golf, or using the free outdoor gyms.

Councillor Paul Pegg Chairman Mackworth Estate Community Association said:

The idea behind it is to create a nature area and stop travellers parking up on this area. After the last group of travellers were here, I came down and looked at the site. I thought the area would lend itself to a natural nature reserve, so I contacted the parks team to see if there was anything we could do. There are schemes that won’t cost the council anything, where we are supplied with all the trees free of charge. Severn Trent are involved – they’re going to hopefully plant wild flowers and maybe create a little pond in the middle of it. Today there are 300 trees being planted. There are another 400 coming in March and we also have some young trees from Markeaton Park that will be planted here in due course.