The Council will shortly be commencing legal proceedings against Richard Smalley, former Councillor for Allestree to recover the costs of the Allestree by-election held in September 2016.

In May 2016, Richard Smalley, a former Derby City Councillor, was re-elected to Allestree Ward but resigned shortly after.   He was later convicted at Derby Magistrates Court in August 2016 for the provision of false information and received a 2 month custodial sentence.

Councillor Baggy Shanker, Cabinet Member for Finance & Governance says,

“Actions taken by Richard Smalley were ultimately proven to be fraudulent,  costing the taxpayers of Derby £27,000 – which is the cost of holding the by-election last year. It is therefore, absolutely right that we should try to recover that money on behalf of tax payers. Further, I am also disappointed that three members of the Council signed his nomination papers, enabling him to stand for election in the first place. To this date they have not offered an apology.”