As has been widely reported in the media, there were arrests in Normanton earlier in the week. Four people have been arrested and detained under counter terrorism laws. As this is an ongoing investigation there is very little information available.  However it is important to note that these incidents are rare in Derby

Derby City Councillor Asaf Afzal, Cabinet Member for Cohesion and Integration, said:

“I want to reassure the people of Derby that whilst I’m aware that this incident has caused some worry and concern in the community, we must remember that Derby remains a safe, cohesive and well integrated city.

“These incidents are isolated, not common, and we must not make assumptions or inferences until the full facts are known. Individuals who try to divide us and create conflict never represent the communities or faiths they come from, but have a distorted view of the world that is not shared by the vast majority.

“There is no evidence at this stage that the four suspects are from Derby other than being arrested here by North East Counter Terrorism Unit. It is positive that arrests have been made demonstrating that the police and security services are doing an effective job in protecting our communities. I fully support the ongoing investigation and want to reassure the people of Derby that we will continue to work with the local residents, community leaders and the police to keep our city safe.

“I am proud of Derby’s rich cultural heritage and diversity and urge communities to continue working together so these incidents do not cause disruption or suspicion in our community. I also ask that people are vigilant and encourage them to report anything suspicious by contacting the police if urgent on 999, non-urgent on 101 or use the counter terrorist hotline 0800 789321.”