Derby City Councillor Martin Repton says he is “deeply honoured” to host an event which gives local authorities the opportunity to share their ideas and successes on how people needing support can stay better connected with their communities.

The national Local Area Coordination is being held today (Thursday 24 November) at The Council House, Derby. It has been arranged by the Local Area Coordination Network.

Councillors from across England and Wales are attending as ambassadors to discuss the work their Local Area Coordinators have been doing to help empower older people, and those with disabilities and mental health issues.

LACs also support children and their families, and those who may benefit from longer term support.

Councillor Martin Repton, who is Cabinet Member for Integrated Health and Care, explained that Local Area Coordinators (LACs) played a key role in helping people get access to information and services that could help them.

People could still contact their councils through other means if they wanted but LACs offered a more personal service.

He said:

I want to thank everyone for having this event at the Council House. It is a great honour to meet people who are passionate about serving their communities and empowering people so they are self-reliant and can help themselves.

Today has been a very educational experience and all parties are learning a lot about each other. There have been many ideas shared and learned which, no doubt, will be taken away to help boost these vital services.”

Ralph Broad, Chair of the Local Area Coordination Network, said: “Relationships are at the heart of Local Area Coordination so we are pleased as a national network to be able to support leaders to work together to deliver outcomes in their own areas.”

Local Area Coordinators

They are often based in the heart of a community and often the single, most accessible point of contact for people vulnerable people.

Their role is to help people to find their own solutions that will prevent problems further down the line.

LACs take the time to listen and get to know individuals, families and communities well, to build a more positive and personal relationship.”