Derby City Council recently took part in a blue disabled badge initiative day to make sure blue badges are not being misused in the City.

There are an estimated 14649 blue badges in circulation issued to city residents, which allow badge holders certain parking privileges.

On the day 380 badges were checked and 8 were found to be being misused. Of these, one belonged to someone who died two years ago. This badge was seized, as were some others. Along with this one badge was 6 years out of date.

A total of 14 staff took part in the initiative and it is something which the Council carry out on a regular basis. Misuse of a blue disabled badge can lead to a Court prosecution.

Councillor Asaf Afzal, Cabinet Member responsible for parking enforcement, said:

Abuse of the blue badge system is a serious matter, which we will not tolerate. The message is clear, should anyone be caught misusing a blue badge we will use the full extent of our powers to stop them behaving in that way and, unless exceptional circumstances apply, we will withdraw the blue badge from further use.

Ann Webster, Derby City Council Lead on Equality and Diversity said:

Unfortunately, there is more and more abuse and misuse of the blue badge system. Sometimes, this is down to people just not reading the rules about using their blue badge correctly.  Other times, it is about relatives or friends borrowing the badge for their own use, without realising how serious this is as it can result in the disabled person possibly having their badge withdrawn.

It is a criminal offence for a blue badge to be used by anyone other than the registered holder and abusers may face a fine of up to £1,000.

Should you suspect blue badge misuse you may report your concerns, in confidence, to Parking Services by calling 01332 641812.

You can also email or fill in a misuse form on our website.