Community groups in Derby got a first look into a new crowdfunding initiative today which aims to support local projects.

‘Crowdfund Derby’ is an innovative scheme initiated by Derby City Council and Crowdfunder UK in partnership with charity Community Action Derby. Crowdfunding enables community organisations to raise funds for projects that really matter to them.

Crowdfunding is an alternative method of fundraising which works by securing small contributions of money from a large number of sources, rather than large contributions from a few.

Following a cabinet meeting in February, the Council confirmed they would be setting aside a total of £60,000 to contribute to a wide range of Crowdfund Derby projects.

The crowdfunding initiative is in line with one of Derby City Council’s 50 pledges which support a vision to create a ‘Strong Derby’. The pledge confirms the commitment to launch crowdfunding to provide a new way for voluntary and community groups to secure funding for their important work.

The scheme was unveiled today to community organisations at a Funding, Support and Enterprise fair held at the University of Derby.

The partnership was on hand to discuss the project with attendees and offer guidance and advice on how to be considered as an eligible organisation.

Community Action will be an instrumental part in the Crowdfund Derby campaign ahead of its official launch later this summer. The charity will help to promote the scheme and support organisations wanting to crowdfund in order to make a difference in their communities. Their focus will be to assist organisations with the application processes to help them achieve their funding goals successfully and put their projects into practice.

To be eligible for a pledge, projects must have raised 25% of their fundraising target from multiple pledges, be run by ‘not for profit’ organisations and be of clear benefit to people who live or work in Derby.

Mike Brown, Arts Development Manager at Derby City Council, commented

“We are delighted to have launched the first part of the Crowdfund Derby campaign to local community groups. The event was a huge success and it was extremely promising to see the number of community and voluntary organisations interested in the scheme.

“Empowering projects that benefit the local community is very important and we are excited to be running such a fantastic campaign with Crowdfunder which will make a huge difference to the people of Derby. Other local authorities who have used the crowdfund model have had great success.

“Working alongside Community Action will also give us an insight into the types of community projects that would benefit from crowdfunding so we can support some worthy causes.”

Kim Harper, CEO of Community Action Derby, added:

“We are keen to work with our partners to develop Crowdfund Derby and can see the huge benefit it could have to local and community groups.  It will be a much needed way for local organisations to fund their projects and provide an opportunity for local people and organisations to commit to support projects that are important to them. We are now putting actions into place to ensure that we offer the best possible support to get the projects going.”

The official Crowdfund Derby campaign is set to launch in summer with further details to follow.