Can you tell us about your background and how you’ve progressed into your current role?

I started with the council in March 2005 when the service I worked with transferred to the Council as part of a TUPE transfer from the private sector. I transferred in as a supervisor where I worked in that role until 6 years ago. At that point I was successful in getting a promotion to Area Manager for Streetpride pre-dominantly looking after Street Cleansing. More recently I’ve had the opportunity to undertake a secondment as Acting Head of Highways, Engineering, Grounds Maintenance and Street Cleansing.

How did the opportunity come up for the transfer?

The opportunity came up recently when our Director, Tim Clegg, left so there was some movement which opened up this opportunity. I then went for the job and was successful.

What do you enjoy most about working for the Council?

For me I enjoy managing people. I work with a large team and I enjoy interacting with the different team members so we can work efficiently as a team. My role also requires a lot of problem solving, quite often strange requests that require resolving quickly. This for me is important as it keeps my role varied each day.

What challenges have you faced?

As well as being the most enjoyable thing, one of the main challenges I face is managing a big team. Most of the problems we come across can be difficult to resolve and that includes working with people with regard to their work/personal life. It’s about going the extra mile to try and help people so they feel comfortable at work.

What does a typical day consist of?

I looked after Street Cleansing for the whole of Derby but also multiple trade contracts. A typical day is generally quite varied and often unpredictable this could include speaking to staff about difficult situations, responding to councillors and working with various departments/stakeholders to get jobs resolved.

What motivates you?

Coming in to work and having a variety of things you can get your teeth into. I like to have things that challenge your brain so you constantly on your toes. That’s important for me.

What Advice would you give to a new starter at the council?

Turn up, be on time and remember why they’re here. We’re here to earn a living but also deliver services to people. Every day you’re at work try and make a bit of a difference and do what you can.

How do you spend your free time outside of work?

I spend a lot of time with my nine-year old daughter. She’s into her karate and is a black belt so this occupies a lot of my time. I do plenty of training at the gym, running either road or mud runs and getting out into the countryside covered in mud and in and out of rivers which can be interesting in the winter.

What item could you not live without?

A few people may say hair products but it would definitely be my mobile phone. I don’t know what we did without them.