A report published by PWC recently, showed that economic growth in Derby is amongst the highest in the UK, beating Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds and other major UK cities.

Cities and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) are indexed according to characteristics including:

– Secure jobs
– Adequate income levels
– Good health (so as to be able to work and earn a living)
– Time with family/work-life balance
– Affordable housing
– High levels of entrepreneurship and new business start-ups
– Good quality transport systems (road and rail in particular)
– Providing for the future through the potential to be in employment and earn a living
– Protecting of the environment (e.g. carbon emission reduction, preserving forests)
– Fair distribution of income and wealth

Deputy Council Leader and Cabinet Member for Communities and City Centre Regeneration, Councillor Martin Rawson Said about the news:

“The report shows that despite all the economic uncertainty, Derby has a great economy that continues to grow and provide excellent opportunities for people who live and work in the city.”

The full report titled PWC Good Growth for Cities 2016 index can be downloaded from the PWC website.