Derby City Council is pleased to announce its official support for the ‘Dementia Words Matter’ campaign.

Dementia Words Matter is a Call-to-Action initiative which highlights the importance of using appropriate language when talking about people living with dementia.

As dementia figures continue to rise, dementia is spoken about more frequently both in general conversation and within the media. The way language is used determines how people view those living with dementia and also how they feel about themselves.

The Council formally joined the campaign last week in line with Dementia Awareness Week.

The campaign is a joint collaboration between the Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project (DEEP) and the Dementia Action Alliance (DAA).

Following discussions with people with dementia, the two organisations identified a preferred set of words and phrases to be used. These include avoiding words such as ‘dementia sufferer’ and ‘victim’ and instead using phrases such as ‘person with dementia’ or ‘people living well with dementia’.

By joining the campaign, the Council has agreed to commit to guidance outlined by DEEP and the DAA. These include checking and changing words and descriptions used in printed materials about dementia and challenging the use of these words when they are used.

For more information on the Dementia Words Matters campaign, please visit: