Councillor Nicola Roulstone, Cabinet Member for Finance and Procurement:

NICOLA ROULSTONEDerby City Council welcomes the Government’s plans for extra funding for services delivered by local government. The reduced level of funding all local authorities have received, coupled with the nationally recognised rise in demand for adult and children’s services, has led to a significant strain on the support we have been able to provide to some of our most vulnerable residents.

In particular, we welcome the fact that the Government has responded to local authorities’ calls for increased funding to support adults and children’s social care. To truly highlight the gap, the Local Government Association (LGA) has estimated a cumulative funding shortfall of £4.1 billion for both sectors in 2019/20.

We also welcome the Chancellor’s remarks on making infrastructure and investment into high streets a priority and his ambitions for regional growth through this.

We are confident that this Spending Round marks a recognition of the pressures facing local authorities, and we look forward to working with the government on developing a fair and sustainable system of local government funding, in order for us to continue to deliver quality public services that are valued by our residents.