It is essential that we encourage our customers to use digital services, where they are available, instead of using non-digital routes, such as face to face, post, or telephone.

We are proposing to incentivise Derby Homes’ tenants to move toward a greater use of digital services and would like to know your opinion of such a scheme.

The proposed scheme will be a one-off incentive which will run for a two year period, during the financial years 2017/18 and 2018/19. It will be linked primarily to promoting services online.

What exactly will the scheme involve?

All tenants will be eligible for a maximum £100 annual payment but must satisfy all the qualifying criteria, such as registering for online services, paying rent in advance by Direct Debit, having no other relevant debts, being a good neighbour and keeping appointments for gas servicing.

We are also considering a reduced payment of £50 where tenants meet only part of rent criterion. For example, if a tenant receives a lower (£50) (or no) reward in the first year, they will have the opportunity meet the missing criteria for the second year and qualify for any remaining payment.

Ultimately, increased use of digital services will provide greater convenience for customers, whilst enabling us to make savings in the way that customers make requests for services, make payments and keep to appointments.

Take the survey now. Please give us your views no later than 12pm on Wednesday 15 March 2017.

Published: Friday 10th March