The Department for Education has released its Early Years Foundation Stage 2017 results. Derby has improved its percentage of EYFS children who achieved a ‘good level of development’ to 68%, up 2% from the 2016 results and up 17% since 2014.

A pupil achieving is classed as achieving a ‘good level of development’ if they reach at least the expected level in the Early Learning Goals (ELGs) within the three prime areas of learning and within literacy and mathematics. In comparison, the national average is at 71% whilst the East Midlands average is 69% so although there is still work to do we are happy with the continued progress.

This year we have been focused on narrowing the inequality gap and this has reduced by 1.6% after a 1.9% increase in the previous year. We will continue our efforts to reduce the gap between average total point score and the score of those in the bottom 20%. The children in this group are often the most vulnerable and need us to advocate strongly for them to help them to achieve more.

Councillor Sarah Russell, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills said:

“This is excellent news and I’m delighted that as a Council we are making good progress in improving our Early Years Foundation Stage results. We are committed to continuing that progress and to providing the best possible start in education for the children of Derby. “