Derby Moor School have started a project to raise awareness of the importance of looking after the environment and helping to prevent litter and fly tipping.

Our Neighbourhood team attended Derby Moor School and provided them with advice and important facts and figures to make their campaign more effective.

The school produced a poster and fact sheet to provide people with more information on why they should not litter. The students wanted to target a particular area within the Blagreaves Ward and they chose Bendall Green. The area was chosen as the school felt this area would benefit the most from a poster campaign in order to reduce the amount of litter in the area.

The Neighbourhood team helped distribute the poster in public places, to get the message out and help the public reflect before they think about throwing rubbish on the ground instead of a bin.

Ali Javaid, Derby Moor School, said:

Thank you to the Neighbourhood team for your support to show that we are capable of making change.

Jonathan Till, Neighbourhood Officer, said:

This is an excellent example of the Neighbourhood Team getting involved with the local community and using their experience to help local students. It is important that students take pride in their area and they want to make a difference.

Councillor Ruth Skelton, said:

It is heartening to see young people campaigning on issues that affect their local community.  Well done to them for making a difference.