Derby Museums is open late on Thursday 10th May from 5-8pm and is welcoming everyone to come along to celebrate progress of the emerging World Cultures gallery.

Over 3,500 people have helped to shape the World Cultures project during its first year. The gallery is a friendly space full of interesting objects from around the world. A place for people to encounter familiar and unfamiliar objects, meet one another and discover a new perspective.

We’d love people from all over our city to join us, to help fill the gallery with conversations and power the project into its second year of development. During phase two, the co-production team will be working closely with visitors, volunteers and people not currently visiting the museum to unpick and understand the objects and the meanings they hold from multiple perspectives.

The gallery is mid-way through its development and has been presented in two of the Museums original Victorian galleries.

Co-production Manager Andrea Hadley-Johnson says:

“We’re working to create a space that enables us all to come together, to explore current issues and build community in a welcoming and inspiring exhibition that fully represents and includes the interesting and diverse people of Derby.

We’re excited to hear what people think of the gallery so far and delighted to be open late as a giant ‘thank you’ to everyone who has been involved so far.”

During the evening there will henna painting, object handling opportunities, the debut of a gallery soundscape and other vibrant activities to participate in. The Coffee House will be selling delicious snacks from around the world too.

A visitor to the previous open event said:

“This is incredible, the gallery is full of people from all over, look, it’s amazing what’s happening here, seriously, I’m not a museum person but this is really exciting.”