The Higher Level Stewardship (Natural England) project for Sinfin Moor Park has been completed, supported by Friends of Sinfin Moor Park LNR and Derby Parks Volunteers. The project is part of the restoration of the native wildflower meadows within the balancing pond and pylon fields. Part of this includes grazing fields with a low number of cattle in late summer and early autumn.

Cllr Lisa Eldret, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Culture and Tourism, said

“Sinfin Moor Park is a highly regarded local nature reserve in Derby. The funding from Natural England has enabled us to restore old hedgerows and ponds, and install stock fencing for conservation grazing. The improvements will not only have a positive impact on wildlife but provide a best practice standard of conservation management to other land owners. The Derby Parks Volunteers and Friends of Sinfin Moor Park have learnt new skills alongside the Derby Parks Team and this partnership has been exemplary.”

In order to prepare the area for the cattle, 200 metres of hedge laying has been completed by Derby Parks Volunteers. This prolongs the life of the hedges, which are a vital food source for local wildlife. The new cattle line fence is currently being placed in front of the hedges.

Establishing New Hedge and Fencing at Sinfin Moor Park
Establishing New Hedge and Fencing at Sinfin Moor Park

Before the cattle could be released onto the site, further work took place in the balancing pond, small triangle and pylon fields. Firstly, scrub was cleared from the boundaries. Secondly, the remaining fencing, kissing gates and cattle holding facilities were installed.