The role of the Youth Mayor is to represent young people and Derby City Council at events across the city and support the Mayor where appropriate. Philip Hutchinson has been Youth Mayor of Derby since July 2015 and describes it as having “been the greatest privilege of his life, thus far”. The Deputy Youth Mayor is currently Kirsty Glover.

Philip describes his experience as Derby’s Youth Mayor, a position which he will hold until May 2017:

As the first Youth Mayor to speak in Council Cabinet meetings, it has been my responsibility to scrutinise the actions of the Council on behalf of young people. Using this role, I played a leading role in ensuring that the B_Line, a youth bus subsidy card which ensures the poorest children can afford to travel to school, continued over the last two years.

From campaigning for Britain to stay within the EU, to urging the Council to divest its Pension Fund from fossil fuels, I am proud to have made the views, overwhelmingly held by young people, heard across our city. Alongside chairing Voices in Action, Derby’s Youth Council, as Youth Mayor, I have also delivered assemblies focusing on the importance of accepting others, despite their background, alongside the Deputy Youth Mayor.

Philip Hutchinson delivering his election speech in 2015

Despite the privilege it has been to be able to influence dozens of decisions, one of my most humbling experiences as Youth Mayor was laying the wreath, on behalf of young people, in Derby on Remembrance Day, remembering the sacrifice others gave to give us a more peaceful and prosperous world. Derby can be proud that this role exists in our city and that it is given more prestige and influence than exists elsewhere; it is a testament to our cities faith in the future and the young people who will bring us there.

Undoubtedly, the role has changed me. Having seen the potential politics has for improving the lives of others, I have decided to pursue the subject at university and potentially further still. I will always look back at my time as Youth Mayor with fondness, as I remember how I changed my city for the better, and ensured 30,000 individuals had a platform by which their views could be better heard.

Leader of Derby City Council, Councillor Ranjit Banwait said:

Since his election in 2015, Philip Hutchinson the current Youth Mayor for Derby, has done an excellent job helping to raise awareness of the positive contribution young people make to our city and ensure their voices are heard. He has enabled young people to provide valuable input in the development and delivery of public services and play an active role in developing community cohesion. The Youth Mayor has also been working with various partners over the last couple of years to extend opportunities for young people in our local areas. We’d like to thank Philip for his enthusiasm and the commitment he has demonstrated to his role as Youth Mayor and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.