This morning, we’ve been busy in the Market Place, putting up this year’s Christmas tree!

The Norwegian Spruce tree, stands at a whopping 55ft tall, and has travelled here from Derbyshire – Ockbrook to be exact.

The tree arrived in Derby at 5.40am this morning, and our teams worked for almost an hour to manoeuvre it into place.

The tree will need to settle; its beautiful branches will unfold, and once that’s happened, today and tomorrow, we’ll be working to decorate Derby’s Christmas tree with over 7,000 twinkling Christmas lights, just in time for Derby’s Switch-On event this Saturday.

We’re also building a tub around the tree over the next few days; our friends at Wates have kindly gifted us this, for our wonderful Christmas tree to sit in over the festive season. The tub is over two metres high, and will be used as an alternate to heras fencing. We need to ensure we have safety measures like this in place in case of high winds, and also to prevent anyone climbing the tree.

Later this week, we will also be installing a Winter Wonderland arch on the Christmas tree tub, for visitors of the city to pose under! We’d love for people to send in their photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by tagging us on @DerbyCC, and to tell us what Christmas means to you.

You will have seen us working in the Market Place for a few weeks now, working to replace the existing Christmas tree pit, which was on its last legs and due for an upgrade.

A Christmas tree pit is the equivalent of a base or stand at home – it keeps the tree upright and in place. The clamps used in the pit is one of only a few in the whole country.

When it’s not in use, the tree pit has a cover placed over the top, with paving slabs on top of that, so it’s tucked in and ready to use next year.

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