There is a vacancy in the Derwent electoral ward of Derby.  A by election will be held on Thursday 9th March, polling hours are 7.00am to 10.00pm. You can read the Election Notice on our website.

Polling cards

Derwent ward electors will receive polling cards during February telling them where, when and how to vote on polling day.

If you can’t get to your polling station

You can apply to vote by post or proxy but there are deadlines to make an application. More information about this process and how to do it is available in our Voting Guide.

  • Postal vote – application deadline 5.00pm Wednesday 22nd February
  • Proxy vote – application deadline 5.00pm Wednesday 1st March
  • Emergency proxy vote – application deadline 5.00pm Thursday 9th March

What if you’re not registered to vote?

If you’re not registered, you can’t vote.  To vote in the by election on Thursday 9th March, you must apply to register by Tuesday 21st February 2017.  Registering to vote is quick and easy, simply go online to or contact Electoral Services by calling 01332 640837 or emailing the team who will be able to help you to register.

Candidates and Agents

Candidates have to be validly nominated to stand for election.  Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Electoral Commission website.  There will be a briefing session for Candidates and Agents to cover the election process at 5.30pm on Thursday 9th February at The Council House.  Email the Elections team for more information. 

More information about the by election

Votes will be counted and the result declared at The Council House after polling stations close.  The result will be published on our election results page. We will also announce results on the Newsroom and social media.

Published: Wednesday 1st February