Efforts to clean up the streets of Derby are going from strength to strength.

A team of Public Protection officers have now issued over 300 Fixed Penalty Notices in the seven months since the serviced launched.  Over 90 notices have been served for fly tipping, 221 for littering and six for dog fouling.

Five Fixed Penalty Notices have also been issued for failure to comply with a Community Protection Notice in relation to keeping bins off the streets.

Failure to pay these Fixed Penalty Notices is leading to prosecutions and successful convictions. In late 2017 the first court cases took place and we have now seen 22 cases in court with successful convictions, including fines of up to £716, a custodial sentence and costs awarded in most cases.  In the past week a further five defendants appeared in the Magistrates Court. Three pleaded guilty, one has been adjourned until later in the month and in the other case the defendant did not attend and so a warrant has been issued for their arrest.

Currently the intensive work of enforcing the Section 46 notices in relation to bins on streets has been restricted to two areas of the city, however, we have also been able to respond more effectively to reports from members of the public about fly tipping and other offences across the City.

Conversations with people on the doorstep about concerns for their neighbourhoods have been a regular occurrence, as well as attendance at community group meetings and patrols. During this time, residents, businesses and community groups have enthusiastically supported the Council’s efforts.

A further additional resource has been identified that will see more Public Protection Officers recruited from April 2018. This will complement the existing work that has taken place, extending into other areas of the city on a priority basis and undertaking more specific work in the city centre.

Councillor Asaf Afzal, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Public Protection said:

“Targeted enforcement proved to be very successful in 2017 and we are hopeful we can expand and build on that success in 2018.

“It has been great to have this new team working so well with our existing officers and with other agencies. Only through partnership working will we get the best for our city and deliver on our pledge.

“We also need the continued support of our communities to ensure that these early signs of progress turn into long-term improvements for our streets and neighbourhoods. “

The team has also been active in helping manage the Public Space Protection Order or PSPO,  which came into force in December and we have already seen the impact with some of the worst offenders removed and banned from the exclusion zone.

Recently, there has been some controversy around issuing notices for littering in relation to ‘feeding birds’ in the River Gardens. Whilst those notices were issued correctly a decision has been taken to install additional signage to make clear that feeding birds in some areas of the city is not permitted. Over the coming months, we will be taking a more pro-active approach to this matter, including educating those people seen to be feeding ducks with small amounts of food. Not only does leaving food for birds attract vermin, especially pigeons but also it is now known that bread is harmful to ducks and swans.

If you want to report an incident of fly tipping or litter then contact environmental.services@derby.gov.uk or 642020