A new digitised collection known as Derby’s History is now available online to the people of Derby. This digitisation of a curated selection of materials from the Local Studies and Family History Library means customers can discover the history of Derby online simply by logging in to their library account.

The digitisation of this selection of local studies items is thanks to the ongoing efforts of local volunteers, who are scanning and uploading materials previously only available to view by visiting the library in person. Items including George Moneypenny’s Plan of Derby 1791, the 18th century caricatures of George Murgatroyd Woodward and even audio recordings of 1960s Derby, made by the Derby Tape Recording Club are now available as full-text PDFs, streaming audio or video for customers to download and view directly from the library catalogue.

This collection remains a limited selection of the full range of materials available from the Local Studies and Family History Library; however the continuing volunteer-led digitisation programme means the people of Derby now have an excellent point from which to begin their research into Derby’s history, and more materials are being added every week.

Local schools are also being encouraged to take advantage of this new information source. A free Key Stage 2 exercise based around local studies material can be found online , along with offers and details on how schools can make use of the library.

There are also further opportunities for Derby residents to get involved with the collection. Derby’s History includes research completed by library customers and community groups, and people are being encouraged to submit their research as a cost-free way of sharing information. Anyone who has completed any local research, or has old photos, video, audio, letters, books or papers of local relevance are being welcomed to submit their findings.

There are also still opportunities for volunteers to take part in the project. Applicants need to be a member of Derby Libraries. For more info about helping with this project visit the website.

Derby’s History digitised collection can be found online through the library catalogue.

Anyone who lives, works or studies in Derby is eligible to become a library member.

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