UK civil society organisation Families Against Stress and Trauma (FAST) held a workshop in Derby last week as part of its Families Matter campaign.

The workshop, held in partnership with Derby City Council and the ‘Tackling Terrorism Through Women’ project by local group Central Education and Training, was attended by members of the local community of all ages, faiths and backgrounds. Participants shared their own experiences and discussed the impact of radicalisation and possible signs to look out for.

The recently launched Families Matter campaign aims to provide support and guidance to parents and anyone else concerned that their loved ones may be vulnerable to radicalisation or to being targeted by extremists. FAST hopes that by using real life case studies and providing expert advice, that parents will feel empowered to intervene and stop radicalisation at its early stages.

As part of the campaign, FAST will visit several communities across the UK, to reach out to parents and families through a series of workshops, film screenings and one-to-one advice sessions.

Saleha Jaffer, founder of FAST said:

“We want attendees to leave these sessions feeling empowered and aware of the resources, support and practical advice available to them if they are concerned about someone close to them.

Family members know their loved ones better than anyone, and are best positioned to intervene if they have concerns a loved one is at risk of radicalisation. In equipping family members with the right knowledge and skills to reach out, the love of a mother, father, sister or brother can make a great difference.

The workshop showcased the commitment and desire of the Derby community to confront this difficult issue and, through discussion, we hope to build further local resilience against radicalisation and extremism.”

If you have concerns about a loved one that might be affected, you may want to raise the issue with someone you trust, perhaps a friend of family member who knows them well. Please visit:

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