Following the publishing of the April Cabinet Reports, we’ve put together an FAQ on the latest update on the A52 Wyvern Transport Improvement Scheme.

Read our full statement online.

  1. What is Cabinet being asked to approve?

Cabinet is being asked to approve the revised project budget of £40.3m, plus a contingency of £2.9m in order to complete the work. In addition, they are being asked to delegate authority (decision making) to the Strategic Director of Corporate Resources, in consultation with the relevant Cabinet Member.

By delegating authority, we are able to ensure that work progresses quickly and efficiently, within the project budget. This is because reports will not have to go to Cabinet each time an executive decision is made, though there will still be discussion and input from Cabinet via the lead Cabinet Member.

  1. What are the expected costs of the scheme now?

The estimated costs are £40.3m, although we are also putting in place a contingency of £2.9m for any unforeseen works that may arise during the construction. The £40.3m includes construction costs, projected staffing and consultancy costs, as well as latest land acquisition and utility diversion estimates.

  1. Where is that money coming from?

The identified budget shortfall is to be initially funded from the Council’s budget risk reserve.

The budget risk reserve is a fund that we set aside for unforeseen financial expenditure – put simply; it is the budget equivalent of keeping a family emergency fund for the proverbial rainy day.

The Strategic Director of Corporate Resources is currently identifying a best value for money funding solution option that will minimise the impact on the  Council’s medium term financial plan and council tax payers.

  1. What work has happened to date?

Since September 2018, major work has taken place:

  • The A52 has been widened to three lanes in each direction between Raynesway and Wyvern
  • The eastbound slip road from Wyvern to Raynesway has been opened
  • The A52 eastbound has been realigned
  • Central safety barrier improvements have been made
  • New drainage, an attenuation pond and earth noise bund have been installed on the northern side of the A52
  • Over 40,000 trees have been planted
  1. You said you’d do a review of the designs; has this been completed?

Yes. A full design review has now been completed; a major step forward for the project, and a number of key changes have been made including:

A52 Footbridge

Design changes have been made to the footbridge and access ramp design.

Read more about the changes on our website.

Derwent Parade/Wyvern Way Junction:

The design for the Derwent Parade/Wyvern way junction was originally proposing signalised crossroads. Since the review, which also took into account planned development in the area, a signalised roundabout has now been incorporated into the designs.

The designs also feature a higher quality road surfacing material which will reduce future maintenance costs.

The remaining elements of the project are largely unchanged.

  1. What happens now?

Work will continue throughout the coming weeks, with more major work beginning in late spring.

  1. When will it be finished?

The planned date for completion is the end of the Summer 2020.