Last year, 51% of smokers who got local support managed to quit for good. Ade quit smoking with Livewell. He said that it was Livewell helped him to stop smoking, but we know that for anyone to quit, the real change comes from themselves.

Here are Ade’s top tips for stopping smoking..

1. Beat cravings

For the first week, I used an e-cigarette in the evening but as I didn’t want to replace one addiction with another, I stopped this once the cravings had eased.

2. Don’t do it alone

It’s important to ask for help, and having the Livewell team helped me to be accountable when I was trying to quit.

3. Read a good book

I read Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking. There were some key messages that really got through to me that I was able to draw upon during difficult times. I recommend this if you are a reader and have the time.

4. Save money and treat yourself

Save the money and treat yourself at specific milestones – a small treat at the end of the first day, week, month etc.

5. Don’t doubt yourself!!

Be proud of your own determination and will power, let 1 hour, 1 day and 1 month feed the next. This makes the process easier if you are positive about your own determination.


Ade wanted to improve his mental health and make sure he got to see his teenage daughters grow up.

“I have more energy, my teeth are whiter and I feel mentally good – much more calm and relaxed.  Even my wife has noticed an improvement to my complexion. I have more time to do other things – it’s amazing how much time smoking was taking out of my day. I’ve noticed a difference in my fitness too.  It’s great to climb hills on my bike and keep up with friends without getting out of breath.”

“When I look back, it was Livewell and in particular, Antony that helped me to stop. And if I can do it, then so can anyone. The key is to not stop trying.”

What will be your reason to quit?

Livewell offers 12 months free support and free stop smoking medicine to people registered to a Derby GP practice. Apply on our website.

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