Flying Start – free childcare for your two year old

Did you know that your two year old could have up to 15 hours of free childcare each week? This could be used at a day nursery, playgroup, pre-school or with a registered childminder. If you do not want to use 15 hours straight away, you can always build this up over time and as your child gets older increase the amount of funded hours they use.

How this can help you and your child:

  1. It allows your child to learn and develop
  2. A friendly environment will allow them to play and have fun with children all of a similar age group
  3. They will make new friends
  4. experience new activities
  5. It helps them get a head start ahead of starting school
  6. It will give you as a parent more time to yourself
  7. It allows you more free time to socialise with your friends
  8. You could return to education and take up a college course
  9. It allows you to get ideas on how to help your child play and learn
  10. You get to meet other parents

For more information and to find out if your child is eligible you can apply online   or call 01332 640758.